Monday, May 1, 2017

This weekend we were without power for about 15 or 16 hours. Today I will empty our fridge of a large portion of it's contents, including several things we bought Friday because we got paid. I want to make a choice to grateful about this little event. Perspective is so precious. Does it stink? Yes. But God is good. The storm was rough but we were fine. Most of our frozen stuff is fine. We aren't worried about having hungry children or being hungry ourselves. We have the means to replace the food. We didn't have property damage or flooding. Our power came back on before dark the next night and the temps were moderate. We were blessed. So many people are struggling because of the same storm.
I hope that if this were harder I would still chose to be grateful and be able to say God is good. That's part of our calling isn't it. to be content and have joy, even when it's hard? I struggle with that. When things go my way, it's great, but the rest of the time, I can be a real malcontent. I need to watch out for that. Life can be hard and painful. People will disappoint you and you will disappoint people. Storms, both literally figuratively will come. Life will happen. Perspective, attitude, living in the eternal and not the moment, those are choices we can make. If you see me being short sighted, negative, making the wrong choice, call me on it. Going higher is easier when we pull each other up.
Say a prayer today for the less fortunate, all you have to do is look around you to find them. I hope you don't stop there. If you can do something for them, be His hands, reach out and do what you can for them. It's easier to be positive when we focus on others and the One who made us. Today I'm going to crank up K-Love while I throw out things that could make my body sick and try to get rid of some negativity that could make my soul sick too. If you have a few things you need to throw out, feel free to join me! Hugs people.