Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

It is sunny in Spangdahlem today.  After the gloom of winter, it is glorious to see the sun.  It is not warm but I am not freezing.  My youngest is thinking of shorts. My oldest will stay in her hoodie because it will never be as warm as Texas.

The first day of Spring was this week so it is doubly nice that we have sun to go with it.  Effie jokingly asks something along the lines of what is that light burns!!!  Yes, we are used to the gloom and the dark.  The novelty of walking to school while it is light outside is something she should enjoy.

For awhile we have sun and beautiful cloudless skies.  Soon we might have rain or a cold snap.  But for a moment, spring is here and I will revel in it.   I love the beauty of snow falling and the sound and smell of rain but for this moment, I will turn my face to the sun and just enjoy the blessings of today.

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