Monday, May 19, 2014

Today I ran away from home.  I left on an errand and didn't go back…..for a few hours.  Things have been stressful lately for lots of reasons and I ran away.  I went to a big discount chain I won’t name.  Those that know me best know I will wander up and down aisles for hours.

I walked and walked and touched item after item. I picked up a few things and put a few things back and just escaped for a while. I bought some things I needed and some things I didn't. I people watched.  I took a phone call from my husband and a text from a daughter and just killed time.

Was it wasted time? I don’t think so.  I stay home, a lot. So it was good for me to just get out alone.  I was able to fulfill a request for my honey and work out dinner and just be mindless for a bit.  Maybe I will be easier to get along with now.  I hope so.  I bet my family hopes so too. 

Trying to get through life can be like drowning in a puddle because you don’t see that you can just stand up. Life is so busy and goes by so quick. How can we take it all and manage to survive day to day in if we never slow down, step back and just see things how they really are?  God gets me through and he is always with me but I think we all need time away from the stuff in our lives to just be. So today I ran away.  Maybe you should try it sometime.

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