Thursday, January 26, 2017

Seeing Shouldn't Always Be Believing

“Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see.”
The unending parade of political posts and rants on social media continues, at times comical and at times just sad. If eye rolling were an exercise I would have very healthy eyes. My exercise routine is balanced too because I see both sides engaging in the same behavior. That being said, these are things I know.
We all think we are right.
Just because you see it online does not make it true.
If I shoot pictures of you continuously through an event I will find a frame that tells the story I want to tell. It may not be the real story but one frame out of context can prove my point, Maybe you were cold, or needed to go to the bathroom, or were thinking about what you would like to eat.  But out of context, I can use it to prove whatever point I wish too.
Children are capable of editing video to tell a story. They do it for school projects. Why would we assume adults can’t or wouldn’t.
The opinion piece that was sometimes presented at the end of the news is often the whole broadcast now.
It is easier to push share than to fact check. Most of us have done this.
Debating on social media is pointless.
Children should be off limits regardless of who their parents are. They are a gift to us all and should be treated as such.
Sometimes the memes and videos are funny so lighten up and don’t take them as facts. The caveat is; cruel is not funny. It is bullying.
Finally, It is difficult to “love your neighbor as yourself” while beating him with the club of your opinion.

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